Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gainesville Bound

Its was sad leaving the Corrick's but we had to get back to Gainesville. Starting early, we knew we had a long day with some pretty good traffic to beat along the way. Also, since it's Florida, we had our fair share of bridges to ride over so the sooner we got on the road, the less tight the shoulder would be on the St. Johns.

With only a couple problems with cars and trucks, the roads we're too bad. Evan got good shot of the St. Johns here. The shoulder sucked but the traffic was low enough that we could take the lane.

We made some pretty good time, guess our legs knew we were close to home. Also, we found out that is exactly 2,000 miles from San Francisco to Wendy's in Stark.

We also got a chance to the tourist thing in Waldo like we've always wanted and somehow avoided the speed traps.

Soon after this, we reached Gainesville, riding into Evan's driveway. It was like we never left. Going through the same motions, seeing the same people, we got this weird feeling that nothing had changed and we hadn't biked cross country. We stayed in Gainesville for two nights, hanging out with old friends and visiting our favorite bars. I'll miss Gainesville next year but I'll see it on game days and look forward to the Auburn vs UF game in the Fall.

Here's a flattering picture of Ben!

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