Sunday, July 4, 2010

Coast to Coast

Waking up from my coma of a sleep the night before, we waited for Evan's dad and we went to Angie's Subs in Jax Beach. I had the best sub there, wanted another one, but we had to get to the beach. Riding our bikes down the board walk we caught a glimpse of the ocean, something we hadn't seen for 49 days.

We'd finally made it! Thousands of miles later, 50 degrees hotter, and a couple pounds lighter, we walked our bikes down into the Atlantic Ocean and dipped our front tires. It was a very surreal experience and it was time to celebrate. Like little kids, we played in the ocean all day and relaxed on the Florida sands, knowing that we had made it across the United States!

Last ones a picture of Corey Corrick, our tallest fan. Thanks for making it symmetrical buddy.

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