Sunday, July 4, 2010

Evan's Home

The night before we left for Ocala, we checked the weather and it didn't look good. We've made it this whole trip without really riding in rain. There have been occasional showers but nothing bad. The forecast said rain all day, 80% chance so it was fitting that it would rain on our last ride together.

Starting early, we biked most of the way before stopping at a small diner on the side of the road. The owner loved our story and made me a corn dog with sausage in it, tasty little treat there! Moving on from there, we rolled into Ocala without any problems until I got a really good flat three miles from Evan's house. Knowing we were close, Evan road ahead because after changing the tube, we found out that the replacement tube had a hole in it. With him gone to get his SUV, i proceeded to change another tube out and found it to be flat, thanks a lot Bell tires. That's three flats without moving anywhere, never seen it before.

Anyway, we got into Ocala, showered and did laundry, and headed out to the Lake House further south. Here we met Evan's parents and waited on his family to drive in from Ocala and Orlando. That night, we had a huge meal and viewed the pictures from the trip, narrating and reminiscing over the trip. Afterwards, Evan and I got a cool pie with our bikes on them, seen below.

It was a fitting end to the trip and great to hear that people were following our trip so closely. We would start telling stories and someone would finish it for us. Thanks to everyone who followed us and supported the trip!

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