Thursday, June 24, 2010

Way Down Yonder on the Chattahoochee

On Wednesday night, we rolled into Dothan, Alabama to stay at Warren and June's house. Arriving tired, we both got a warm shower and laundry done while June prepared a great dinner for the both of us while we both talked bikes with Warren. June is very big on health food and knowing what you put into your body so we got try plenty of new dishes and found out that the rabbits on the back porch weren't just pets which is awesome! Using their back porch as our camp ground, we got some early rest to ride into Georgia the next day.

This morning came early and we headed for the first McDonald's we could find to plan out our day. The original plan was to meet Mrs. Christoff in Bainbridge, Georgia but we just couldn't swing it. Noticing how close we were to the Florida boarder, we opted to take the southern route following the Chattahoochee into Florida. We did run into some trouble when Evan picked up a large nail in his puncture resistant back tire. One thing we did notice is that people won't get over for bikers when they're stopped. They're move over when a car is stopped but love to buzz bikers changing tires. We quickly fixed that by Evan changing the tire and me spitting on the wind shields of economy cars, keeping it classy.

After a short Gatorade rest stop, we headed down highway 95 into the Chattahoochee State Park and we finally hit the state line. Feels a little weird being back in Florida already but it's good to be home. The road coming in was amazing. We had little to no traffic so we could actually talk on the bikes and the sky stated overcast all day, blocking out that famous Florida UV index.

Our plan from here was to find a KOA close so that we didn't go over 60 miles, wanting to save our legs a little. Also, the heat is ridiculous out here when the sun is out so we needed to stop before it got too late in the day. For lunch we hit Patty's Diner when we got a call from Mrs. Christoff saying that she could meet us closer to Tallahassee if we wanted a hotel with A/C. That sealed the deal. With what started out to be a short off day ending at a KOA turned into a longer day ending in A/C and pizza...a pretty good trade off for us.

With only a couple miles to go until Tallahassee, we can sleep in and still get there before noon tomorrow. We hope to stay there an extra night before our two day journey to Jacksonville. We got some great miles today and had a good time too. Its just good to be home!

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